LLM Network

The LLM Network grew out of the idea that it should be easier to be an LLM candidate, but a lot of time you're battling to get hold of the information you need. The LLM Network is an online community that connects LLM graduates and candidates from the most prestigious US law schools, and captures an existing international network of people to share recommendations, experiences and to facilitate referrals. We also provide resources on this website for course selections while you're still a candidate, bar exam applications and studying and recommendations for certain services. We run a forum each year for those stuyding for bar exams, and we're here to help you on the Facebook page with advice on anything you have questions on about the experience of being an LLM candidate, bar exams and job hunting. We are open to JDs also, and the LLM Network would probably be useful for those JDs who are going overseas or in search of reliable local counsel.

Membership to the LLM Network is by invitation only and you need to be able to provide a transcript to prove graduation. Particular trusted LLM Network members who meet certain criteria have the ability to add LLM graduates who they personally know to the LLM Network. If you wish to put a referral through the LLM Network please contact the administrator emma AT llmnetwork.org.